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Wasted time, unlike wasted material, leaves no recoverable assets for re-use or salvage. The Global Economy means competition moves at the speed of light. We know that TIME is one of your most valuable assets.

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Why All Round Defence? Why work with us?

Professional Responsibility
All Round Defence is the trading name of its parent company WESTTHOR LTD. The basic responsibility of all at WESTTHOR Ltd and its associates is to serve our clients with integrity and competence. We know that we are being hired for independent judgement and objectivity, technical expertise, analytical skill and concentrated attention to the solving problems. We will provide those skills. We will be impartial. We encourage team members to contribute to the common body of knowledge and the promotion of good practice within their chosen specialist field. For example one of our Directors, Carl Thorp, is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP) and took part in the review of the latest version of BS7799:2. He is a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and sits on the Northern Chapter Committee and is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). He is also a member of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and a Certified Information Systems Security Practioner. He has helped to review documentation for the Central Sponsor for Information Assurance within the Cabinet Office and contributes blogs on LinkedIn, Twitter etc. We also contribute in the development of Information Assurance methods within Central Government and where possible will champion the cause of developing our local region as the ideal place to grow and develop business within. We will guard the confidentiality of all client information. We will not take financial gain or any other advantage based on inside information. We will not serve competing clients on sensitive problems without obtaining the approval of each client to do so. We will inform the client of any circumstances, which might influence our judgement or objectivity. Before accepting assignments, we will confer with clients in sufficient detail to understand problems and the study needed to identify and then provide solutions. Preliminary consultations are conducted confidentially, on terms agreed to by clients. We will accept only those assignments we are qualified perform and will provide real benefits to clients. Whenever feasible, we agree with the client in advance; fees for assignments. We will declare where we accept fees or commissions from others for recommending equipment, supplies or services to our clients. Assignments are carried out in a manner which best satisfies the client and where applicable Assignments are carried out in a manner which best satisfies the client and where applicable in accordance with the Code of Professional Practice of the British Computer Society, the ISC2 and ISACA.

We are dedicated to helping you, your people, customers, and partners to take full advantage of the New Economy.

We work with you to unlock the true power of your business. With our PERFORMANCE ENHANCING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS we help you minimise the risk change and provides step-by-step advice on how to cost-effectively implement effective business strategies and tactics. However we can only act as a guide, as only you know your organisation; your employees and partners, but most of all we will help you to develop excellent ideas of your own.

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