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From the moment we receive your Request for Proposal,
we focus on working with you to ensure that the solution
we offer meets and exceeds your expectations for effec- tiveness and cost-efficiency. Our services include:

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Our rates are the most competitive in the security industry
and because of our confidence in this, we promise to match
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Security Solutions

"So the rule is not to count on opponents coming; but to rely on having ways of dealing with them; not to count on opponents not attacking; but to rely on having what cannot be attacked" - Sun Tzu

Do you need to strengthen your defence's?
If so All Round Defence can help you.

"Where are the holes, are we really vulnerable?" There is only one way to find out, test, test and test again. By providing the following services we can provide a rational approach to security testing taking into account physical, people and technical vulnerabilities:

All Round Defence Challenge -
So how good are you? Do you feel confident that nothing is wrong? If so why not ask to take the All Round Defence Challenge. If we cannot identify a weakness then we will wave 40% of our consultancy fee.
Security Architecture -
By understanding your business drivers and organisation risks we can help you to bake security into your applications and solutions. Helping you to go live secure in the knowledge that you are managing your risks.

System Management Audits -
So you have spent the time and effort to develop good security processes. But are they working? Do they integrate with other management and governance processes? You have performed a vulnerability test, the reports are bad but you cannot see where you are going wrong. We can deliver an additional level of baseline management data and then provide constructive analysis to enable you to deliver effective security controls.

Threat Assessment -
What is the threat? Which systems are at highest risk? How big a threat do you face? We can help We can provide you with the tools and knowledge to advise your organisation on the threats you face.

Incident Reponse and Data Recovery -
So you have been breached or suffered a data loss. All Round Defence offer a full forensic service providing a complete chain of evidence from our investigators arriving on-site, forensically recovering data, to our analysis and presentation of results.
Security Partnerships -

Whilst we try to maintain our independence from suppliers at all times, occasionally we come across products we rate so highly we take them on board and act as resellers. Typically these are products that we have used ourselves internally or have previously worked with at client sites.

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