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Security Testing

So you spent thousands on a firewall and they walked in through the front door and stole your data!

Its no longer a question of might I get breached but how long will it be before I am breached. Even the best thought through solution will have weaknesses. We can provide a range of assessment services to help you to identify weaknesses in your solutions before the bad guys do.
Penetration Testing -
Want to understand how the attackers will get in? Our skilled testers can carry out a range of tests of varying complexity to assess weaknesses in your solution. The results can be mapped to and validate your compliance requirements against a number of compliance regimes e.g. PCI, ISO27001 etc.
Vulnerability Scanning -
A little lighter and more automated than a full on pen test we can provide external vulnerability scans to identify configuration weaknesses and missing security patches. By carrying out focused technical testing we can demonstrate your true level of vulnerability to attack. We use a mixture of world class testing tools, internally developed methods and a good dose of common sense to help you to gain better understanding of the risks you face.

Data Centre Environmental Controls -
To help you to protect your investment in IT equipment we can review the physical and environmental controls within your data centre and IT department, providing you with a set of common sense recommendations.

General Office Security -
We can help you to protect your staff and information assets that are outside your IT Department by reviewing general office information security, carrying out clean desk sweeps, and out of hour's spot checks.

Information Leakage Review -
By looking at how you dispose of IT Equipment and other confidential waste we can help you to pinpoint points of information leakage within your organisation.

Anti-theft Devices -
We can provide advice and assistance to source anti-theft devices to protect office and mobile computing assets.

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